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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Hot Women + Cars = Sales...Or At Least, Your Attention

I try not to forget that Go Retro attracts a lot of male readers so as my gift to you guys, here's a collection of vintage ads that matches pretty women with cars and car parts--most of them from the "Dodge Fever" campaign of the late 60s. I don't remember where I found most of these so I'm leaving credit off--but if any of these belong to you, just let me know and I'll gladly link back to your site. Zoom, zoom, zoom...

As you might guess, the Ford Cortina of Great Britain's 70s roads was promoted as an alternative to the VW Beetle.


  1. I need the phone # for the Jaguar girl...:)

  2. Awesome photos! Glad to see that some things never change....hot girls are still used to sell autos...but now you mainly see them on TV and not print ads.

  3. All I can say is thank you, Pam. These are great ads!

  4. Ha ha, I aim to please! I knew the go-go boots would do the trick!

  5. The late sixties and early seventies are when my interest in cars took off. Paradoxically it was a period when US manufacturers had arguably the most desirable, attainable sporting automobiles but their bread and butter machines were bloated brutes about to be blitzed by the Japanese. Odd time, fat cars and sleek fashions. Great advertising artistry though.

  6. Thanks, Pam!! These are great! I remember the "Dodge Boys" in "The White Hats." Of course the emphasis was on the cute Dodge GIRLS though. I had the 2 Jag ads saved on a file. Jags in particular are a soft spot. Two occupy my garage, though neither of them are E-Types (the type in the ads). Maybe someday... ;)

  7. The "Cuter'n a bug's rear" is odd. The woman a) is compared to the ass of a bug or a car and b) seems to come with the car. Which is unfortunate because it's so small.

  8. Wow, thank Pam. I can say no more.

  9. Mark B--what kinds of Jags do you have? I love the E type, too.

    Desiree--I'm sure the tagline was aimed at both!

    42N--You're welcome!


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