Three Ads Too Good Not to Share #12: Awesomely Awkward Copywriting

File these ads under "wow--what were they thinking?" Or maybe, "were they thinking at all?" I have no explanations for these copywriting gaffes...if they were gaffes at all, and completely intentional to get attention. (And I think the above "ad" for Pontiac was Photoshopped. The original brochure photo found online did not have the "Spread Your Legs" copy.) So, without further ado...

Well, what do you think? Which one looks the most "rapey" to you? Talk about a poor choice of words. Couldn't they have just substituted drafting wills?

It's funny to think of a father licking his child, but even funnier when you learn what the word really meant. You see, kids, back in the day, "lick" was slang for "ass whupping" or "beat the sh*t out of"...which is kind of ironic considering this is an ad about constipation and that's exactly what the father wants to do to his son with the help of a hairbrush. If only little Johnny would just eat his vegetables, none of this would be an issue. 

A little less retro due to the website address provided in the ad, but how could I not share this one. There ain't nothin' like the whiff of grandma's muffin!


  1. OMG--I just laughed so hard I chocked--The wonderful ad--"spread your legs"
    I'm vintage and Yep, I did !!

  2. Hi Sierra Sue - thanks for your comments! Glad to hear you got a chuckle out of these!

  3. LITTLE KNOWN FACT: "Grandma's Muffin" was Mojo Nixon's original lyric before he switched on MTV one night...


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