Monday, May 18, 2009

Forrest Gump vs. Fonzie

Seeing "Angels & Demons" this past weekend made me nostalgic for some retro Tom Hanks, particularly after a columnist on Slate complained that he wasn't funny anymore. So I dug up this "Happy Days" clip on YouTube that I'd never seen before. In it, Hanks plays a karate crazy dude seeking revenge on the Fonz 17 years after he pushed him off the swing on a playground. After all, his "momma didn't raise no stoop niggle." Who will win the showdown? I won't spoil it, so see for yourself.


Lien said...

That was hilarious! I don't remember that particular episode of "Happy Days".

I like Tom Hanks. Funny guy and a great actor. :-)

GoRetroGirl said...

Me too, Lien. The funniest part of that skit is the final line: "I'm a psychiatrist."

Amy said...

ahh of course, I knew I'd seen Tom Hanks around before Splash

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