Friday, October 01, 2010

Off to the Land of "Newhart"

I hate to blow off today's Two Forgotten Friday Favorites, but I'm afraid there's not going to be any Go Retro posts until sometime next week. Tomorrow I'm going up to Vermont, setting of the 80s TV sitcom Newhart (please don't take offense if you're from the Green State...I know Vermont is NOT Larry, Daryl and Daryl...believe it or not, I think I met those three guys at a scary singles event back in the day.) I'm going with a couple of friends to check out some yarn, cheese (and hopefully wine), shops, and do some leaf peeping. I haven't been there since I was a teenager so I'm excited. 

Anyways long story short I have tons to get done today and still need to pack tonight and have a movie to watch before it needs to be returned to the library, so I won't be able to post anything until next week (don't worry, ladies - I didn't forget about this month's Retro Hottie of the Month!)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...and to sign myself off, here's the opening theme to Newhart...and the epic final moments of the finale. I guess you could say these are today's Forgotten Friday Favorites.


  1. That sounds like fun - wish that I could go to. Have a great time. Mom and I used to love that show.

  2. Have a great time.

    Newhart rules! I love that show!!!

  3. I used to love that show. Stephanie was my favorite! (I think that was her name?...the blonde girl.)

  4. I used to really like that show too! There were so many great shows on back then, I miss that :)

  5. That finale was awesome! I always loved the old Bob Newhart show. (Never missed it as a young boy) My wife loved Newhart, so I watched it with her for the entire run. I remember pounding my fists and stomping my feet when Suzanne Pleshette turned the light on!! Great ending!

  6. Poston made me cry; literally. Loved Newhart's comedy and dead pan delivery, well, forever. Maple leaves, clear and crisp fall mornings. Wine, apples, and cheese - a perfect combination. Have a great trip!


  7. Thanks everyone - it WAS fun. I hope to get a new post up this week.


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