Monday, March 04, 2013

Banana Republic's New Mad Men Collection

Photo via BananaRepublic
Last week Banana Republic launched its latest Mad Men-inspired clothing collection. With previous collections I've always been disappointed by the designs--it seemed like Banana Republic's team was a bit behind by a few years from the current year the show was taking place in. 

Photo via InStyle
This time, however, they've taken some cues from Megan Draper's wardrobe and the look for the most part says late 60s, albeit on the conservative side. I haven't purchased anything yet, but I did visit my local Banana Republic store to take a peek. My favorite piece is the graphic green and blue dress that was clearly inspired by one worn by Megan when she seduced Don in his office. It's not too revealing that you can wear it to the office but also sexy at the same time. Made of rayon, it retails for $130.00. I also like the silk mod shirtdress that is typically like the ones Diane Von Furstenburg was designing by the mid-70s (100% silk; $140.00):

Photo via BananaRepublic
Then there is this very springlike green and white number. Made of polyester and rayon, it retails for $140.00:

Photo via BananaRepublic
I also like the black and white gingham pants, white jacket and accessories, particularly the geometric scarves ($49.50.)
Photo via BananaRepublic
I actually think the men have it a little more stylish this time around, with plaid sportscoats, striped ties, textured cardigans (the one shown below is priced at $89.50) and straw fedoras ($45.00.)
Photo via BananaRepublic
Photo via BananaRepublic
I wish, however, that Banana Republic would have made more of the line machine washer-friendly…most of the pieces can only be dried-cleaned or hand-washed, and that is one reason why I'm hesitant to splurge on anything, especially as I have so many other dresses that are even more retro looking than this collection. (And how come there are no miniskirts?) Still, there's enough mod in this selection to get you revved up for the season premiere of the show on April 7 on AMC. Better get to a Banana Republic store or the site soon while the getting's good!


Anonymous said...

Love these styles. Hate to admit that I was around the first time they came out. I envyed Marlo Thomas and her "That Girl" wardrobe!

Therese said...

I want the green dress!And that funky scarf! Let the MM S6 promotions begin!

JZ said...

The fedora is pretty cool. Very hard to find good men's fashion these days. I was watching "I Spy" the other night and the clothes Culp and Cos were wearing were so much cooler than anything guys have to pick from now.

Suzanne said...

The dresses in this collection are great - love the prints. I went to the BR website and some of the other pieces (T shirts?) are a bit uninspired, though - wish they'd expand this line with some more retro-ish things. There were some great clothing styles from that era!

Darrin.. said...

I couldn't pull off a suit like that. I'd need to stick to more of a Perry Mason cut of a suit. LOL

You however.. would do some serious justice to those swank looking dresses Girlie!!

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