Welcome to the Sixties...Getting the "Hairspray" Look!

Thursday, July 19, 2007
The new musical movie version of "Hairspray" has hit the theaters and since Access Hollywood ran a story last week on how to find early 60s inspired fashions from the film that have to purchased at a physical store, I thought it would be fun and easy to list some great sites where you could purchase the same kind of dresses online: think cute and colorful, Sandra Dee like belted dresses with full skirts and twinsets. But think again. Apparently, fashion from 1962 (the year the movie takes place) is stuck in retro purgatory somewhere, at least on the Web. I either found sites that sold a lot of 1940s dresses (too soon) or psychedelic and mod clothing (too late.) One site featured a frightening Angelina Jolie lookalike - right down to the tattoo encased arms and injected lips in 1940s hookerwear that came across not so much sweet and innocent but downright trampy (why does everything today have to promoted from the slut angle?)

So I only really have one passable site right now to mention where you might find early 60s-esque threads: DaddyOs. All of the dresses here are definetly vintage inspired; poke around through a few pages and you will find the variety that Tracy Turnblad herself would feel right at home in, and cocktail dresses similar to the one Michelle Pfieffer wears in the movie (thankfully, no John Travolta styles.) DaddyOs gets most of their ladies' offerings from a clothing manufacturer called StopStaring where you can find even more sweet selections.

Hands down, eBay still remains the best resource for any era of clothing. Simply do multiple searches for 1960s or 60s or sixties dress on any given day, and a plethora of choices will come up for you. The caveat is that you often have to weed through the frumpy to find the fab, and you're taking a chance when purchasing from a stranger in an online auction environment (I recently experienced my own eBay fiasco trying to obtain a Diane Von Fursternberg dress.) Good retro is always in style, as long as the movement deprived coifs from the movie don't make a comeback.


  1. Hey, cool article! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Another great place to buy vintage clothing is "Malenas Boutique" in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

    Malenas' prodominately sells womenswear and accessories from the 1950s onwards. The boutique also stocks classic designer pieces by the likes of Ossie Clark, Diane Von Furstenberg, Gucci and Prada.

    Worth checking out if you like vintage stuff.


  2. I'm sickened by this new remake. The Original Hairspray was tacky on purpous. This remake is just god awful tacky in a bad way.

    btw. check out my gf's vintage clothes at


  3. My older sisters all got married and their bridesmaids dresses had this look, the tight waistline with the full skirt. They looked so pretty! With my waistline, I'd look more like Aunt Pittypat!! :)


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