A Simple Solution for Parents Scared of Poisonous Toys Made in China

Friday, September 21, 2007
Buy vintage toys! I recently took a trip down childhood memory lane on ebay and found these beauties. My apologies for swiping these pictures from the original sellers.

First of all, I have fond memories of my Hasbro inch worm ride. If your parents wouldn't buy you a pony, this was the next best thing, and no batteries were necessary. With so many obese kids around today, though, this ride probably wouldn't sustain more than three bounces:

Next, I found a Sit and Spin. Does anyone else remember getting totally sick to your stomach after just a few rotations on this thing? I think today it would make the annual dangerous toy blacklist for causing extreme nausea:

Colorforms rocked! If they got dirty and wouldn't stick after a while, all you had to do was run them under water (or lick them) and they'd be good as new! I had several Peanuts sets including, I'm pretty sure, this one.

Lastly, I found my long lost wooden monkey purely by accident. I was doing a search on eBay for Danish teak furnishes when lo and behold, his old, familiar, geometric face came up. I had no clue that the same spring-jointed chimp that I had as a kid was an Eames era toy. I want my monkey back!

I found all of the items on eBay, but there are numerous resources online for vintage toys; no need to mention where to go to search.


  1. I found your post when I was looking for a sit n spin for my nephew. My sis and I have agreed that the newer sit n spins are blah. Must find the trippy swirly one!!!! However what drew me was INCHWORM! My parents still have mine (I call it mine but I believe all 5 of us kids did play with it and it was originally purchased for my oldest sis) Inchworm was the best thing for me. I'd tool around in the inchworm while my little brother and sidekick would drive the metal fire engine. Thank you and yes parents should totally buy vintage toys.

  2. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your comment...so glad you found this post and remembered one of your treasured childhood toys! If you ever want to find one of these items, I definitely recommend searching on eBay...they had about 3 vintage Sit N Spins the day I found that one.


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