Speaking of Has-Been 80s Pop Stars with Disappearing Noses

Sunday, December 02, 2007
I'm only mentioning this because it is a milestone for my pop culture generation, but Friday marked the 25th anniversary release of the album Thriller. Why was a record that featured clearly a Halloween-themed song released less than a month before Christmas?

I loathe Michael Jackson so much that I couldn't bear to post his picture on my blog, and I can't believe how many girls in my age range had a crush on him when this album came out. He was already so creepy to me - the soft-spoken, effiminate voice, the one glove, Neverland Ranch, etc. You mean no one else could see back then that this was a freak in the making? And while I will admit the album had some good songs on it, the only one I really liked was "The Girl is Mine" - because it was a duet with Paul McCartney. BTW, his sister Latoyota or Latoya or whatever her name is played his love interest in the video of the other song he did with McCartney, "Say Say Say." This didn't raise any red flags in the early 80s?

Anyways, the album still continues to sell 60,000 copies annually. It introduced us to Jackson's trademark dance the moonwalk and was instantly a huge chart success.

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