Oprah Wanted To Be The Charlie Girl

Thursday, January 24, 2008
Picture courtesy Harpo Productions, Inc. and Oprah.com.

Yesterday's Oprah Winfrey Show was chock-full of retro goodness, and the first trip down memory lane was a segment about the Revlon fragrence, Charlie. You remember the Charlie girl, don't you? The beautiful blonde with the white pantsuit, incredible looking car, and handsome boyfriend who greets her at a nice restaurant. Oprah confessed that she loved the commercial when it came out in 1973 and wanted to be the Charlie Girl. "I wanted to stride like her with confidence. I wanted to be this fabulous." Well, who wouldn't?

Oprah interviewed Shelley Hack, the model who appeared in the debut commercial (and who apparently hasn't aged.) Hack went from being the Charlie Girl to being a Charlie's Angel. Charlie the fragrance was launched in 1973 by Charlie Revlon and was meant to be a perfume indicative of the independent 70s career woman who breezes through her day into the evening. Charlie's classic scent - a mix of sandalwood and cut grass - is still found on drugstores' shelves today.

The rest of the show was pretty iconic, too. Called "What Makes America America", Oprah revealed when the hamburger was invented and showed off Dorothy's ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz. You can read and watch segments of the show on the Oprah.com site.

And that Charlie ad? I still remember the melody. You can watch it by clicking once the video player below.

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