Mary Ann Likes Her Mary Jane

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
This is old news by now, but Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on the TV series Gilligan's Island, was busted for pot. She looks perfectly blissed out in her mug shot, which was actually taken back in October 2007. She was sentenced to 6 months probation last month and five days in jail.

According to E!Online, the 69 year-old Wells was on her way her home from a surprise birthday party thrown for her by friends on Oct. 18. She was stopped by a cop who witnessed her car swerving and speeding up and slowing down repeatedly. He caught the distinctive odor of pot wafting from her car. Her answer was that she had picked up three hitchhikers, but dropped them back off after they started smoking marijuana. Lame excuse!

A search of her car revealed four half-smoked joints, plus two small cases used to store marijuana.

This is all Gilligan's fault! Bob Denver was well-known for having an affection for weed and was busted himself in 1998 for marijuana possession. I'm sure he got Wells hooked. No wonder these stoners never left the island - they didn't want to! Gilligan's Island? More like Giddigan's Island.

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