Brrrriinnng! Retro Crosley Phones on Sale!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
I'm a little disheartened by the trend of dumping your land line phone in favor of just having a mobile phone. If more people adopt this trend, then what will become of these fabulous retro Crosley telephones? Don't you want one in your retro abode? I know I sure do. Just look at this beauty.

Crosley has been manufacturing phones, radios, record players, jukeboxes, and other fun things for the home since 1920. The company was founded by radio pioneer Powel Crosley, who is often referred to as "The Henry Ford of Radio."

I found a great selection of Crosley phones on sale until August 1 on Although, doing a quick search for the suggested retail prices on Crosley's actual site reveals that some of these "sale" prices are not that different than the suggested ones - however, a lot of these colors are no longer available from Crosley directly. All phones come with modern features wrapped in a shiny nostalgic package. Check out the OneWayFurniture site for all models and prices and let your fingers do some walking!

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