The Unhappy Disco Brother

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Normally a garish album cover like this would make a great candidate for my Bad Cover Art of the Day feature. However, I actually think it's a stupendous cover thanks to the gentleman in the front row who has his arms crossed and is not even looking at the camera. The scene reminds me of those professional family photos where one kid decides no one can make him participate. Clearly, this guy is having one bad day...or he really has his panties in a huge wad over having to wear a yellow striped jumpsuit. Why so glum, brother? You know Neil Diamond would've been rocking that outfit.

Heatwave, by the way, was a 70s disco/funk band that had a top ten hit with "Boogie Nights."


  1. The glum looking white brother is called Rod Temperton.

    He's glum because he was born in Cleethorpes, a town in England.

    Things improved after he wrote 'Off the Wall' and 'Thriller' for an artist called Michael Jackson.

    He lives in Beverly Hills now!
    Smiles :).


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