Pinup Girl Clothing: Vampalicious Vintage Swimsuits and More

Mod Bow-tie mini dress, $128
All too often, I often forget to mention retro items that you can buy in favor of the usual Go Retro commentary. I'd like to remedy that by sharing the love for some of the cool vintage-themed stores I've found online, starting with the site Pinup Girl Clothing. I found them not long ago while looking for vintage-styled swimsuits online, but love all of their product departments, particularly the dresses and bags. If you're a woman looking to wear something bombshell sexy along the lines of Marilyn Monroe or Mad Men's Joan Holloway, this is the site to check out. The company also prides itself on using models of various dress sizes to show off the clothing and accessories. Here's just a few of the favorite things that I'd like to add to my wish list:

Birdie Party Dress in Red Vintage Floral by Pinup Couture, $118

Natasha Dress in White Pin Dot by Pinup Couture, $88

Paris Dress in Grey with Pink Trim by Dixiefried, $116

Look familiar, Mad Men fans? This is the Joanie Dress in Olive Green by Pinup Couture, $96

Retro Halter Swimsuit - The Bettie One Piece in Red Polka Dot by Pinup Couture, $78

Sailor Girl Nautical Bikini Top and Bottom, $56 for each piece

Red Sparkle Train Case by Pinup Couture, $112 

Just in time for the upcoming ABC series, the Pan Am Hat Bag, $87

There's oodles more where these goodies came from, so check out the site. Happy shopping!


  1. that retro halter swimsuit is pretty nice, actually!

  2. Lots of eye candy in this posting of yours. I like how you weave retro and new together in all your postings.

  3. You have such great taste in clothing. I especially love that Paris dress. I haven't actually worn a dress or even a skirt in many years, but if I did start doing so again, I'd love to have one like that. I like the style of the nautical bathing suit but I'd just want a solid color one if ever I were to wear a swimsuit again, which I probably wouldn't. I definitely want to go to that site to see some more of these cool fashions!

    That train case is also neat. Mom has one in a similar style but it's just a dull plain gray. I think that she's had it since the early 1960s.

  4. The rockabilly and pinup dresses, coupled with a strong women, radiate femininity and are deadly attractive. My wife, an ageless Italian, wears dresses/skirts but often not enough retro for me; she was in Sicily recently though and she tells of the gorgeous women (and men); their clothes, their incredible fashion sense. I for one think we need to see more of this in the US of A.

  5. Oh boy, I found Bodacious Bettie Page!

  6. Did no one recognize Bodacious Bettie Page and her beautiful black bangs in that patriotic swimsuit? There's an all-American pinup girl!


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