Vintage Thrush Ads: Ladies Love Your Exhaust Pipe

Thrush has been making mufflers and exhaust parts for vintage automobiles and hot rods since 1966, but in my opinion the best part of their history are their old advertisements from the 70s and 80s. Before I show them to you, let me just remind everyone that "Thrush" sounds a lot like "thrust." Thrush is also the name of a yeast infection that people can get in the mouth and throat or on their tongue. Take out two letters and you have the word "tush." I'm just saying. I truly mean no disrespect to the Thrush company, but just thought I'd point that out.

The ads are spectacular; laden with double entendres and subliminal imagery. The agency who dreamed up this theme wasn't stupid; everyone knows that sex appeal sells. I wouldn't expect anything less from the testosterone laden 70s. 

I found most of these ads scanned on Flickr by a user named trebomb. I must give credit where credit is due! 


  1. As a car guy I'm pretty familiar with most of these ads.

  2. JZ--I know! I would be surprised if he hasn't posted these ads before already.

  3. HA! Double entendre at it's best!!

  4. I too remember these ads. Made a young lad stop flipping pages. I didn't buy any product the brand has seared into the 1970s portion of my brain. I also remember the pickup trucks with stacks. Couldn't miss those rolling down the road. Thanks for another step back in time.

  5. Any mufflers advertised by hot women were too expensive on my purple 1971 Duster 340, especially after paying tickets for having loud dual glass packs; only the tame Sears Muzzlers after that :(
    Thanks Pam!


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