Retro Greeting Cards Giveaway!

I was hoping when 2013 rolled around that I'd get the opportunity to do another giveaway on Go Retro. That opportunity presented itself when reached out to me to offer a retro greeting card assortment to one of my readers. I've posted about the decline of greeting cards a while back, so here's your chance to keep a retro trend going!

Entering is easy--just take a look at NobleWorks' retro card collection starting here and leave a comment letting us know which design you like the best. I'll put all of the names in a random pick generator online and will announce the winner on Monday, February 11. You must have an actual commenter name with a link to an active email if you're posting as an anonymous commenter, please provide that info and your name with your comment to qualify. 

Want an extra entry? Take to Twitter and mention my blog & handle in a tweet -- @GoRetroPam. Good luck, everyone!


  1. I love 0844 "I Wish I was as thin..." but most of these cards are just as hilarious! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. The 0673 card of the reasons why we need to save the earth is a good one! :-)
    It was hard to pick, though - they're all funny

  3. Well the one you have on your blog is hilarious and the saucy "Thanks for a good time card":

  4. "God grant me the serenity to not kill these bitches!" and "Fuck this Fifties Housewife bullshit!" are my favorites but they're all funny XD

  5. Wow, those are wonderful! It was hard to choose but these two topped my list:

    4143 "I'm not needy, I'm wanty" and 4079 "I'm really not that old, geologically speaking"

    Not sure if this contest is open to Canada but thanks for giving your readers this opportunity Pam! :)

    PS: stay safe during the blizzard.


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