GoRetroPam, Where Are Youuuuuuu?

Friday, January 24, 2014

The other day I received the following comment on my latest post from a regular reader of this blog: "Dave Madden and Russell Johnson die, the Captain and Tennille divorce...where are you?" It's tough to decipher the tone of comments online sometimes, but this did seem just a wee bit demanding in my humble opinion. To tell you the truth, it kind of got on my nerves. No one is paying me to write this blog, so why should anyone tell me what to write about? This same person also suggested at one time that I write about Paul Williams. Paul Williams gave me the creeps when I was a kid and he was showing up EVERYWHERE, including as a guest star on my beloved The Muppet Show (no offense to the Paul Williams fans out there. He is a talented and nice guy for sure, but if anything my blog post would be about how his unusually stunted stature,  general appearance, and voice gave me the heebie jeebies as a kid. Sorry, but it's true. You'll have to forgive me; I was five at the time.)  

Where was I? Or where am I? Ha ha. I must admit that the more I thought about it, the more it seemed a blog post might be in order to enlighten the masses as to why the blog hasn't been getting updated on a more regular basis. The simple answer to the question "where are you?" is quite frankly, I'm freaking busy.   

For starters, I have a real job...a Monday through Friday, full-time job. If I were out of work I'd probably be putting my heart and soul into Go Retro, and posting on a daily basis. In addition to the day job, I've had a side gig for a few years now managing the social media channels for a manufacturing company...and when we're launching a giveaway on Facebook or when Twitter decides to changes the configurations for their profile pages, that means I have to put in some graphic design work in addition to updating content. The company also has its own blog which I'll admit I have not been updating as often as I would like to.

Whenever I can, I try to stay off the computer. I need that break from a screen or I'd go nuts and my eyes would become permanently bloodshot. I stick to an exercise routine, and believe it or not, there are some shows on modern TV that I like to watch. Because I also have to have some sort of social life, I organize my own Meetup group. All of this means that Go Retro often gets pushed aside, even on the weekends.

Also, Go Retro was never intended to be a news site. I simply don't have the time to cover every death and divorce related to those who had their heyday during a past decade. I've done "RIP" posts in the past and too often they end up sounding like, "Someone famous died today. Blah blah blah." And then, understandably, no one wants to comment. It's a drag.  

Instead, like most bloggers I like to write when the inspiration comes. I'd rather post once a month with some truly inspired commentary than struggle to write boring, half-assed posts several times a week. I'm also not an expert in everyone and everything from the pop culture past. That would be impossible to accomplish. I'm a fan of certain things, and I often learn something new when I have to research for a blog topic.  

That said, the Facebook page for Go Retro is often where the action is--and retro-related deaths and divorces (including the Captain and Tennille's split; no more muskrat love!) pretty much do get covered there on a regular basis. So check it out and give it a like if you...like.

I will admit that Go Retro is in a bit of limbo at the moment...I'd like to update the banner, tweak the layout, provide content for the menu headings, and get a better photo to use for my profile picture (another dirty little secret about me is that I don't walk around every day looking like I stepped off the Shindig stage. I have a few 60s-inspired dresses and pieces and that's it. Mostly I'm all about having a classic closet that can take me through the next ten years.)

If anything, this has made me think about prioritizing my time better, blocking off writing/blog updating time and brainstorming new topics and topic themes to keep it fresh. If I can.  

So bear with me, GoRetrophiles. Hopefully there's good things to come. Like maybe that Paul Williams post.   


  1. Hi, Pam! I agree that blogging should come from inspiration, not obligation. If you tried to keep track of every celebrity who dies, marries or divorces you'd be at the keyboard nonstop 24-7-365.

    I agree with you about Paul Williams. He was everywhere and always crooning "Just An Old Fashioned Love Song." After sitting through a hundred or more performances, I was sick of him and that song.

    If you're going to write about Paul Williams, make it that other Paul Williams - Mary's son - Cricket's husband - the likable police chief of Genoa City, Wisconsin. He's doing a fine job! :)

  2. I hear ya. If I had a dollar for every celebrity that died, I'd be able to pay off some of my debts.

  3. Sorry- I only meant by my comment to mean that you had a loyal follower- as a mark of respect and encouragement. I wrote it as soon as I heard about the divorce so of course I didn't expect a post on it, nor of the two deaths, but hoped you would have understood that when these events occurred, you were the first I thought of. I'm a teacher and am only too well aware of the demands placed on people, especially when it comes to written work. I have no need in my life to expect someone I don't know to produce comment on anything, let alone the ultimately trivial.

    1. Thanks, Keir, and no offense taken.

    2. P.S. Thanks for being a faithful reader.

  4. I understand. I find it interesting that several other retro bloggers that I read have been interrupted recently, including myself. I moved to a different apartment and have had a hard time getting phone and Internet service back. I can post with my phone but it is difficult. I can do some post at work in off time, but I produce the radio broadcast of college basketball games, so I've been busy with those this past month.

    I do some post links to obits of retro oriented celebrities, but only if it is someone with a huge influence on me will I write up a tribute. I found that many people miss or never hear about the death of these people. I usually get hits on those post months after their death occurred.

    BTW, Paul Williams was cast in the movie The Loved One as a a child, but that had someone else dub his lines because he had such a low voice. Probably got Dick Beals (Speedy Alka Seltzer) because his voice never changed.

    1. Thanks for the tidbit about "The Loved One." I saw YouTube has it uploaded in full, so I'm going to check it out!

  5. Pam, welcome to the cost of fame.

    While you are 110% correct in everything you said, you have to realize that the internet is an entertainment medium and the public wants to be entertained. If this upsets you, well curse you for doing such a good job. Boo Hoo that you have talent and a public that enjoys it. THAT is the price you pay for your brilliant prose.

    I believe this falls under the "Eat your vegetables. There are staving children in India" category. There a a thousand blogs out there that get 1/100th of your viewership and THOSE authors can't put two words together (like mine for example). YOU, on the other hand, have a devoted following and the NERVE to say you have a life also!!!???!!!
    Well La-de-da miss "I am beautiful and talented so don't hate me."

    Now stop your complaining and get back to writing things. We are starving for entertainment and YOU OWE US sister.

    (and keep up the good work when and when you are able)

  6. Do what you can when you want. I've enjoyed your stuff. My own efforts ground to a halt in the face of keeping a business going at locations away from home and frankly having a life.

  7. I agree Pam. The best writing comes when you are inspired.

    I do obits on my page from time to time, but like someone else said, it's only when it's an entertainer who has had an influence on me. That goes for the rest of my writing as well.

    Bloggers are in a very neat little position because they have complete control over their content. You handle yours so well. I'm jealous!

    Get to us when you can, just never fully go away!


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