New REBEAT Magazine Article Posted: 10 Criminally Underrated Beatles Songs

Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Beatles week on REBEAT Magazine as some members of the staff are gearing up for the Chicago Beatlefest this weekend, so in keeping with the week's theme of all things Fab Four, here's a little list I pulled together of 10 underrated Beatles songs. Yeah, yeah,'s a very subjective list (and really, could have been stretched easily to 20 tunes), but click on the image above to read it, and let me know which ones you would have included. Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. Great list Pam; "Things We Said Today" and "I Want You.." is a favorite; some of these were in the much maligned Sgt. Pepper's movie?

    My most underated song is "Tomorrow Never Knows" as seen here

    and I even love the Phil Collins (!) cover of it!


  2. I'm real late to this party Pam. I think George's I Need You and Old Brown Shoe are outstanding. Acoustic version of Sexy Sadie are also excellent.

    1. Yes! "I Need You" and "Old Brown Shoe", actually I find most of George's songs with the Beatles to be underrated.


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