New Album Reviews on REBEAT Magazine

Looking for a holiday gift idea for your retro music fan? I recently reviewed three new album releases for REBEAT...

First up is Neil Diamond's new record, "Melody Road." This is classic Diamond; one of his best albums of original tracks in years, and I found myself replaying the songs over and over again in my head by the time the last track ended. 

There's also a new Peter, Paul and Mary CD to enjoy as part of their 50th anniversary, which is being celebrated on public television stations across the U.S. this month. "Discovered: Live in Concert" is a collection of live songs that were previously not released to their fans with the exception of one. Like most PP&M albums, you'll giggle, get a tear in your eye, and feel uplifted by the various song selections of this iconic folk trio. 

And for those looking to add a touch of 1970s funky soul to their Christmas music collection, Earth, Wind and Fire released their first seasonal album, simply titled "Holiday." 

While you're at it, other staff members and I gave our picks for retro-themed holiday gift check them out and happy shopping!


  1. we're giving my mum
    Melody Road
    for Christmas
    she loves Neil Diamond
    we've only heard one song
    he sang on Jimmy Fallon

    Happy Christmas, Pam!

  2. Pam,

    Wishing you a great Christmas, and hope your new year is one full of blessing.

    Lazlo (Retro-Awesomeness)

  3. I only just learned at that EWF has a Christmas album yesterday! Really looking forward to digging into it. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


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