The Hills Are Still Alive With the Sound of Music

Monday, March 02, 2015

A couple of years ago I tried watching that piece of pap that NBC produced and heavily promoted--a live television production of The Sound of Music. I really can't add anything new to the rightful public bashing it received other than say the parody that Saturday Night Live did of it--with Kristen Wiig--was way more entertaining. Hopefully it'll go down in TV history as a reminder never to mess with a classic original. 

The Sound of Music premiered 50 years ago today in movie theaters and has been enchanting its fans ever since. The staying power of this film is greater than any other movie that was released in 1965, including Doctor Zhivago, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Thunderball, and Help! Why? Is it the wholesome, infectious soundtrack? The captivating storyline that was based (somewhat loosely) on a real-life romantic story? The gorgeous Austrian scenery and sets? The delectable Christopher Plummer?

All of the above. I would also guess that once in a while it's soul cleansing to watch a heartwarming family film without any swearing or violence and that's what keeps viewers returning to The Sound of Music. People who were kids when the movie was first released have shared it with their kids and grandchildren. 

A few years ago, for fun, I compiled a little post of fun facts and trivia about The Sound of Music and have recently updated it with some additional tidbits for SOM fans. Check it out and until the next post, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!


  1. In my opinion, worth every cent you've paid for it, the re-makes of great classics are usually a flop or a very bad idea, to say the least.

    Instead of remaking them, why not just play them MORE!

    Hum along, Pam: "...somewhere in my youth or childhood..."

  2. I agree with Cherdo. And The Sound of Music is a movie that I never tire of.


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