New REBEAT Article: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, "Mad Men" World

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Last week on REBEAT I posted a jukebox selection of my favorite songs that have been used in Mad Men. My one regret? Forgetting to include the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction"--how could any of us forget that image of Don Draper standing on the street in his shades as the song played in the background? Oh, well. But with all fairness the motivation for my list was less commonly heard songs of the '60s for the most part--hidden gems unearthed by whomever compiled the soundtrack for the series. Check it out. There's more retro-related posts in the works for this blog, so come again!


  1. I have never gotten into "Mad Men". I don't understand why not - I love Jon Hamm. Everything about it seems like something I should LOVE.

  2. Some seasons and episodes were better than others. Last week's was pretty good; the "season premiere" of the second half of this final season was only so-so. Personally I think it's running out of steam and the producer is wise to be ending it now.


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