Hot Tub Time Machine: The Heart Shaped Tub Still Exists in the Poconos

A Cove Haven Resort Tub in the 1970s. 
Motels featuring heart-shaped beds and hot tubs sound like a kinky throwback to 1970s porn or cheesy 1980s soap operas. Thank God they went the way of the 8-track tape, huh? Well, I'm more than happy to burst the bubble of any haters out there, because the heart-shaped jacuzzi is still alive and well in the Pennsylvania Poconos! 

I was on a Facebook group page of fans of '60s and '70s advertising the other day when a guy posted several photos he claimed were all from the now-defunct Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos back in the day. Some of the photos were of heart-shaped tubs and one was of a giant champagne glass-shaped jacuzzi -- which, judging by the photo quality and the hairstyles of the models -- didn't look at all that old to me. 

My hunch was right. After doing some investigating I discovered that the photos of the tubs and jacuzzis weren't from Mount Airy Lodge at all, but from a couples retreat in the Poconos that still exists and seems to be doing a thriving business: Paradise Stream Resort. Actually, there are three resorts operated by the same company, Cove Haven Entertainment, that all feature the heart and champagne glass-shaped tubs: Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream

I realize that today is the last official day of summer and the last thing people are thinking about right now is summer vacation; however, these resorts operate year-round and Valentine's Day is only five months away, folks! You can thank me later. 

First of all, how cool is it that you get greeted with this sign upon entering the premises for Pocono Palace?

I didn't quite determine the difference, if any, between the three properties because they all feature suites like this:


And this, a gaming room containing arcade machines:

Tacky? Yes. Bad taste? No doubt. Outdated? Delightfully so. 


C'mon, who doesn't want to sit in that insane, amazing, seven-feet tall champagne glass with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife? (Provided it was scrubbed clean and disinfected after the previous guests checked out. How DO they clean it, anyway?)

Someone on Yelp actually complained that the place is "stuck in the '80s." Sheesh...that's the point! The suites actually don't look that old to me, but the style is definitely a nod to Las Vegas and the disco and 1980s eras. Some of them also contain massage tables with heat lamps, and mirrored headboards. Yow! I mean, if you're going to be kinky, you might as well go all the way. Even the restaurant's name at one of the locations is called Spooner's. This is the kind of stuff that Austin Powers dreams about. Bring your libido and leave your inhibitions at the door. 

All three resorts are set on beautiful Lake Eden in the Poconos and feature live entertainment, restaurants, spas, and a variety of outdoor recreation including paddle boats, bicycling, golf, tennis, snow tubing, and ice skating. 

There's also this kind of creepy Barney Fife-like dude (the resort's Facebook page says he's Officer Billy O; I hope the O does not stand for orgasm) that patrols the premises and busts couples for public displays of affection and hands out tickets. Better safe than sorry: save anything beyond first base for the privacy of your room. 

Now for the other bad of all three properties are mixed. There's a lot of complaints about the cleanliness of the rooms and the jacuzzis (ewww) and the quality of the food. But, for every negative review there's one that raves about the place, including several from couples who claims they've been visiting for years. Also, the prices aren't exactly the Days Inn and of course, the suites with the champagne glasses cost the most. But for a special weekend or anniversary, isn't your sweetheart worth it? 


  1. That champagne glass jacuzzi better come with a stepladder.

  2. Rich - I thought of that, too. I think (I hope) there are stairs off to the side that you can't see from the photos they took.

  3. Haha, Pam---here in Pa, the Poconos is a favorite honeymoon destination for many. One of my FB friends (who I went to high school with) has been dragging her husband to the Poconos for 30 years! she writes about their classy heart shaped bed, rose petals on top, chocolates on the pillow & an ice bucket with champagne by their personal hot tub"--how romantic!

  4. Ha ha, thanks for your comment, Doug...I would imagine there's quite a few places like these in the Poconos as well as the New York Catskills. Truth be told, I found a video clip online of one of the Cove Entertainment resorts that someone took of the champagne glass suite they were staying in. It looked so drab, outdated, rundown, and dark...maybe at night with all of those lights turned on and the fire blazing it looks more like the website's photos. I still think it would be cool to visit if only once with someone special for the experience -- it IS retro. Management on Yelp said they're in the process of renovating their suites which it sounds like is sorely needed. I couldn't find info on how old these particular resorts are, but the Facebook page had a few vintage photos and it looks like they go back to the '60s.

  5. Hey Pam, My husband and I had our Honeymoon at Ceasar's Brookdale in the Pocono's in 1993! We had a cottage with a heart shaped tub and round bed! And even though it was considered outdated even then, we had a fun time. There were tours of the fancier Champagne glass tub suites, and the way you got up to the tub was an entrance off the second floor of the suite. We thought it was pretty tacky, and glad we used the simpler cottage! I often wondered it we'd ever go back there, but it was sold last year (2014) an apparently will be turned into a time-share!


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