New Day. New Ideas. A New You (Er, Me)

Monday, August 08, 2016

So here's the scoop, kids. On Friday I was informed that my position at work was being eliminated. Yep, this is the same job that I thought I had successfully manifested using the law of attraction and that I posted about on here earlier this year because I was so happy and excited about it. But the universe had other ideas. And to be honest, with each passing week it was becoming more apparent that the place was not the right vibrational match for me, after all. I was only there for just over five months.

This is the fifth time I've been laid off. While I was blindsided and of course, a little angry at first, it didn't take me long to realize as the weekend went on that this is a blessing in numerous ways. And here is the epiphany I've come to realize that only took getting hit over the head five times over 44 years...

I'm going to pursue some kind of writing career. I want to be a writer.

It is time to stop denying this dream to myself for fear of not succeeding or thinking I'll never have enough money doing it. I am not a brand strategist, or a web designer, or a SEO specialist, or a paid search specialist. I don't like researching and ordering branded swag items. I don't like organizing trade shows and then standing behind a booth all day. I am also not a "yes"woman and wasn't meant to wipe someone's butt for them. (I do, however, believe I have decent graphic design and social media skills.) I can keep going down the same path of trying to make my round peg fit into a square hole which just ultimately leads to the same results. Or I can finally listen to where my inner being is calling me.

I love to write, and I love the more journalistic style of writing and easy marketing copywriting.

I am going to see if I can attract a fun, easy, paid, work from home writing job as a start. I had one last year and earlier this year before starting the full time job, and the articles with my name attached to them are all over real estate websites across the country. It was a fun gig and a great start. I'm also going to look into taking an online course or two through MediaBistro, which offers classes for all kinds of writers.

Maybe I'll end up working for a local magazine, or taking some kind of part-time related job. No, it probably won't be anywhere near what I was making at previous jobs. This is starting all over, at the bottom. But I know I'll be a lot more fulfilled and happy. of my dreams has always been to launch my own magazine; a nostalgia-related one, of course. Wouldn't it be cool to see Go Retro in print?

I also want to take a pottery class and learn how to make ceramics!

This morning, I am happy. Really blessed and happy. I still have my long-standing freelance social media/writing/marketing gig with another company (whose president has told me multiple times what an awesome job I do and that he would never lay me off) so I have that income. I have my health. I have my mother's house and rent-free living.

It's time to follow where my heart has always been taking me.


  1. Sorry about the hassle, but I'm excited for you at the same time. I think you have what it takes as a writer. I, for one, want to see you do it!

  2. I was an editor for a pop culture magazine that lasted about a year and change. It was difficult getting ourselves established. This was before social media began to take off. I did a lot of legwork with local retailers, making appearances at conventions, the works. If you decide to start up a magazine, promotion might be easier these days, especially since you've got a built-in niche audience right here, but take it from me, it's a lot of work. Still, aim high and see what happens.

    Lotsa luck.

    1. Thanks for the insight, Rich. The magazine idea is very much on the back burner; not something I'm inclined to pursue any time soon. Right now I think I'm going to take a couple of online courses in magazine/freelance writing and start looking for freelance gigs to continue adding to my portfolio. Also a contact on Facebook, a friend of a friend, asked me to email her as she works with several writers at her full-time job and may have contract work she can give me.

  3. Pam, you're a wonderful writer, a writer of wit, humor, warmth and insight, and I have no doubt you're going to land on your feet. It's a rarer skill than one might imagine.
    Anyway, I've been there, and I know it's rough, but I'm glad to read you are going into this like a boxer enters the ring, ready to mix it up. It's just beginning!
    Best wishes, M.P.

    1. Thanks very much, M.P. I actually don't think it'll be so rough this time around...I just have a warm feeling that this was meant to be and the wake-up call I needed. It was rough when I was applying for marketing jobs that I wasn't 100% convinced I was qualified for, and then jumping through hoops in interviews trying to convince the potential employer to take me on. But writing? Heck, I know I can do that! I'll know more tomorrow whether I have an on-going paid gig from this contact...keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Pam-
    I think you are a wonderful writer...go for it! You have a much firmer grasp on the retro thing than 99% of the crap that shows up on Facebook. Have enjoyed this site for years. Best of luck! -Gremlin Mike

  5. Pam, sorry to hear about this. I wish you the best. Writing is a difficult path, but you have the ability!


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