Stop, Look, and Listen With Willy Whistle

Monday, October 03, 2016

From straight out of the '90s comes this unintentionally funny and contrived PSA about road crossing safety (all of things) from the National Safety Council. It features an animated floating whistle with a lisp. There's really not too much to say about it except they should have chosen a hotter guy to play the cop, I really don't get why the African American boy is named Woody, and what's with the purple and yellow gloves to understand the difference between left and right? Oh, and there's some really rad special effects!

If the modus operandi in the States is to look left, right, left, then do British children look right, left, right?

Enjoy the bad acting. By the way, I accidentally stumbled upon this video while doing a search for Willy Whistle. I do NOT recommend doing a Google images search for this name! I wasn't looking for what you think; it was the name of a clown on TV years ago and I was doing research for another upcoming blog post.


  1. I remember Willie Whistle in PSA's from my childhood in the 70s. I think what they did was recycle the animation for a modern video. That is the reason it doesn't look right. That voice has always bugged me, not just because of the 'whistling false teeth' sound but it sounds like an actor who performed another famous cartoon voice but I can't place it.


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