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Friday, April 14, 2017

You've probably noticed (or at least I've noticed) that I haven't been posting on here as much...not as much as ideally I'd like to, anyway. To be honest, I've kind of just not felt like writing about retro topics as much these days. Traffic has taken a dip (and not surprising, ad revenue has, too.) As you know I haven't done much with the YouTube channel lately, either. Just haven't had the motivation nor the time (for my other blog, the subject matter is completely different, and making a video post for that site is just a lot easier; I just speak about whatever's on my maybe I should just do the same for GR.)

But the other reason is, I've just been busy with other forms of writing. I got laid off in August and I recently decided (after much soul searching, meditation, and letting go of fear) that I really want to make a career out of it. (It only took the universe five times to get the message through to me that marketing is not where my heart truly belongs.) I still don't know where this will ultimately lead me...perhaps working for a local magazine. I do know one thing: I am so happy right now.

I realized that last year at this time, I was working in that new marketing job...and I was not happy. I was reporting to the CEO, who turned out to be the biggest a-hole and egomaniac I've ever worked for in my entire career. I was also still getting over a broken heart, and there were many afternoons I cried while driving home. I remember thinking that profound saying, "is this all there is?" more than once. After saying to myself so many times during last summer, "this isn't the job I had in mind" the universe did me another favor, and booted it from my existence. I actually think now it was one of the best things to happen to me.

These days I'm still working the freelance gig I had before getting the full-time job, but I've also been doing work for a woman that I actually met through that last company (she got shafted by them, too.) She runs her own business and gave me a nice chunk of online content to work on, and recently reached out to me again for some additional work. A reader that reads both my blogs also told me about a travel website that needed new writers; I'm still waiting to hear back to find out if the test assignment I submitted has been accepted (if it is, they'll pay me for it and will give me more)...more good fodder for a portfolio.

I'm in the middle of an online course I bought after being laid off, on how to break into freelance writing. I have so many topic ideas for magazines and content websites and really need to get my rear into gear in that area.

Long story short, I'm back in the same "happy place" that I was two years ago. Yes, it took me two years to get through some personal setbacks and find my center again, but I'm back, baby! And I'm grateful.

Back to Go's not going away. I'd never do that, to my readers or to myself! But it IS going to have to get a new layout soon and I really think I need to take a brief break from posting just to recharge the inspiration in this area. The current template is a big improvement over the last one, but it's getting stale now and the bug that keeps posting an entire post on the home page is getting on my nerves. The site needs a new logo, too. Ideally I want to see it look like a real site with a nice image slider up top to highlight the most recent posts.

So if you come on here and some things look jumbled/out of place, I'll be tweaking and moving things around, I'm sure.

Stay tuned...thank you as always for reading....and I hope everyone enjoys their Easter or Passover!


  1. If you're doing what makes you happy... the rest will take care of itself in time. Good luck.

  2. You're doing great Pam. Blogs are a work of art and a labor of love. It will come along when the time comes.

  3. Thank you Rich and Lazlo!

  4. While I realize you need to monetize your work, perhaps you can exert more control over your ads. Though you say you want to overhaul the site, update it's look + refresh the banner; the worst look of all is the ads {they're seriously ugly-especially directly under the banner}

  5. I come here once in a while, I found this blog site by accident one day last summer Googling why Americans are such slobs or something like that (it was a day at work and I was shocked at how some dress). I love it, I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon.

    1. It's definitely not going away! I just need to finish some writing assignments and help my elderly mother with getting the backyard ready for spring planting, but I'm already getting inspired for some post and video post ideas. And in the meantime, feel free to follow the Facebook page...I usually manage to update it a few times a day. Thanks for reading and I'm glad you discovered it!

  6. Nice, I didn't realize there was a Facebook page. Thanks for the site, we are about the same age and I can't tell you how much I miss the old days. No one would ever guess me for a retro kind of guy, but I am. I can't stand anything new and tend to watch old movies/TV shows on YouTube since "smart TVs" came along and try to find old gems here and there.

    PS I like you worked for someone who made me question staying in corporate life and while I changed jobs and still have the day job I am trying to now start my own.

    1. Yes, here's the Facebook page:

      That's great; the latest vintage show I've gotten into is Route 66. I did a post about it last was kind of ahead of its time.

      Good luck with starting your own endeavor! I hope you succeed and can leave corporate life behind for good.


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