It's a Sunshine Day: When Orange Ruled Interiors

Saturday, February 24, 2018

I don't know why so many homeowners in the 21st century seem to be afraid of color. Open a home magazine, and you're likely to see showcased interiors mostly painted in drab shades of grey lately. This was hardly the case in the late '60s and the '70s decade, when orange ruled the rooms. Granted, it would be overkill to have too much bright orange in a living space and most of these examples went overboard. But isn't it cheerier to have a pop of this sunny shade versus seeing white everywhere? Well, as a retro loving gal I certainly think so, and I'm sure most of my readers do, too. So here's a little collection of images I've dug up that highlight the popularity of orange; shades when viewing optional...

Purrfect for just lion around (heh heh heh...see what I did there?) This is from a 1972 Spiegel catalog (the year I was born.)

Is this supposed to be a sofa, bed, instant conversation pit, or all three? It appears to be part of the home since it has a built-in electrical outlet, but it's one of the coolest things I've seen. What's up with the hose, though? I guess you had to live in the '70s to know for sure.

I love the handbag phone and the fish.

Say what you want, but this sure beats the pink bathrooms that were popular during the 1950s.


  1. Those rooms look fun! Everyone room should have pops of color somewhere, even if it's just a throw pillow. I think that big hose is part of a vacuum. You'd need a long one to vacuum up that entire bed/lounge. …Hmm, or maybe it's a for air, the bed also looks inflatable.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly that every room should have something colorful in it. Good point on the hose! I didn't think of that. I really love the collection of vintage lamps; so fun and colorful.

  2. Whenever I see this color combination I think of the San Diego Padres:

  3. The colors of the 70's! Orange Brown, Harvest Gold, Burnt Umber and Avocado! I'm all for color, but these weren't my favs! But I remember thinking we were the coolest people on the planet when we got a shag rug! I have a Pinterest page devoted to these colors - thanks for the new material!

  4. The plants in the house !Ferns! are so cool to me, they are very strategically placed and stylish while natural.

    That awesome lounge is unlike most I've seen, maybe because it's king of raised?

    And can anyone tell me what the three line designs were inspired by? I've seen plenty of thay and being 25, I have no clue at what pushed design in the era. It's actually really cool but, seems more kid room/commercial building than living room accent. Sometimes the lines lead into circles as well, any clues into what this style is, was, came from? Feels like it would be on some of those shaggin' waggins' my dad told me about where, "If the van is a rockin, don't come a knockin".


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