Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reebok Redux

If you were a teenage girl in the 80s like I was, you either owned a pair of Reebok sneakers or noticed that everyone else did. Now, to celebrate its 25 anniversary, Reebok has reissued its Freestyle model which was one of the first athletic shoes created for women. Called the Rein-bow and retailing for $64.99 at, it comes in several 80s-ish bright colors including lime green and bright yellow which can either make you look really cool or like Ronald McDonald. They'd look great with a matching piece of clothing, but I don't recommend bringing back the bad fashion fad of wearing them with parachute pants tucked into tube socks.


old hack said...

I remember this Gigantic 10 story advertivement/painting on the side of this building back in the 80s of a basketball star going for a dunk in a pair of reeboks. For years it was something to marvel at but now 20 years later its barely recognizable. It's been unkept and now just jas chunks here and there of what used to be an interesting advertisment.

my thoughts on reebok

parachute pants are the end all. Can't touch this.

Sónar Street said...

Fashion goes round in circles and parachute pants could make a come back.

Not liking the new Reebok Redux. I don't think it's retro or "day-glo" enough. Other footwear brands have done it better.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know? Parachute pants were totally in last fall!

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