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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Go Retro's Retro Hottie of the Month: William Shatner!

There are two things about Star Trek that I don't understand. First, that the show only aired for three years (the way it's worshipped, you'd think it had been on for 30) and second, how did such a handsome guy become an idol for so many socially awkward dweebs? I guess if you're not getting any here on earth because of your dweebiness, you reach for the stars.

William Shatner is anything but a dweeb. He has a hit show with Boston Legal, but as much as Denny Crane amuses me I am even more fascinated by his...er..."musical performances." Here's a gem of a clip of him speaking (while pretending his cigarette is a joint) Elton John's Rocket Man at the 1978 Science Fiction Awards. How - or why - did anyone in the audience keep a straight face? I lost it when the third Shatner, tie undone, emerges from himself thanks to 70s special effects. He's a rocket, man!

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