Friday, November 27, 2009

Bad Cover Art: The Yuletide Edition

What a find! I pulled most of these doozies from a great site that you've probably seen before, called I could easily post 25 album covers, but I'm not because I think some of these are meant to be savored in smaller servings, and I want to spread them out during the month of December. I'm sure you've seen some of them or posted them before on your own blog but, hey, this stuff was meant to be recycled and shared. Had to throw in the Wham! album at the end because it's so delightfully cheesy.


Lidian said...

Brilliant! And no, I had not heard of BizarreRecords, thank you!

I am really looking forward to more of these fabulous covers. We really lost an art form when they stopped making records, didn't we?

Amy said...

oh my! I thought the ones I'd posted about recently were bad, golly gee, the wham one is funny I use to love them as a teenager LOL

Amanda said...

Very bizarre! Makes me dread the season. I have never seen the Bizzarre Records website, so thanks for the headsup!

LaraAnn said...

I always liked that Wham! song but that album cover is just awful. I've never seen it before. Don't like the remake of it though.

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