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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Real Men Wear Belted Sweaters

Well, that must have been the case in 1971. How else to explain the hot blond hanging off this man's arm? Oh, how I wish I had known about these scans when I was putting together my Sexy Advertising Studs of the 70s posts a while back!

Apparently it took the knitting pattern company Columbia Minerva hundreds of years to finally catch on to what Robin Hood already knew: the men + a crocheted/knitted sweater + a crocheted/knitted belt = hotness. 
As if it couldn't get worse, some of these guys were forced to also wear hats. I think they should have issued a carpenter's pattern...you know, a knitted belt with pockets for carpentry tools. If I were a carpenter and you were a lady...


  1. This is BEYOND spectacular. Holy heck... amazing find. I am speechless and that takes a lot. :)

  2. I need to get one of those and hang out at the trendy coffee shop in town!

  3. Now THAT is about the ugliest thing I've ever seen a man wearing! Worse than those grape-grabbin' speedo swimsuits, even! ICK!

  4. Umm yeah. I will pass on these belted seaters.

  5. The last guy looks like a pimp.

    I love him!

    I'm so buying one of these for my guy. I'm sure he'll... love it?

  6. I'd like to say one thing about these catalog scans:
    I was a kid in the 70's so my memory is hazy at best but I don't remember ANYONE wearing these fashions. The same goes for most of the catalog scans that are posted for the sole reason to mock fashion in the 70's. There is a huge difference between catalogs or fashion magazines and real life. I mean, just pick up any fashion magazine of today and then see what people are really wearing in their day to day lives and you'll see what I mean.

  7. UGHly!! If a guy came up to me wearing one of these sweaters, I would probably laugh my ass off!

  8. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for finding or scanning this knitting pamphlet. I did try to see if there were any other photos of men's belted sweaters online and sadly, I couldn't find anymore.

    Luis - are you sure you weren't hanging with the wrong crowd in the 70s? All of the hip men were wearing belted sweaters, somewhere, I'm sure....:)

  9. No they don't...and never did...hmmm...except for my father-in-law...nah...not even him...he wore V-Neck, cable stitched cardigans with plastic buttons that were trying to look like leather. Every Christmas we bought him a new one...'cause it's all my mother-in-law ever suggested! This catalogue is so, so funny! The hats make it even better! ...jlw

  10. Does dudes look well cool. I bet belted sweaters will have a come back.

  11. That was an amazing sweater for men, looks really different and such a unique design. Great !


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