Friday, July 01, 2011

Two Forgotten Friday Favorites: Heart

Before I get into today's Two Forgotten Friday Favorites, I wanted to let everyone know that there's going to be another giveaway after the long holiday weekend! So stayed tuned for more details next week...

Even though the sister-centric rock group known as Heart has their roots in the 70s, it's the hits they sustained during their comeback period of the 80s that I love the best: These Dreams, Alone, What About Love, and many more.  Throughout the group's band member changes, the beautiful sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson have remained the only two constants - except, interestingly, when the group was first formed by three guys. Ann met and fell in love with one of the members, and the rest was history.

Heart is still going strong and just released a new album last year which did very well on the Billboard album charts. For this week's Two Forgotten Favorites, I'm not going to choose Barracuda, Magic Man, Crazy on You, or any of the usual overplayed hits. Instead, I really want to hear 1987's There's the Girl - the video is quintessential 80s. I'm cheating a bit on the second song as it's not a true Heart song, but one that features Ann Wilson performing a duet with Mike Reno of Loverboy on one of my favorite sappy love songs of all time, Almost Paradise. Also known as the love theme from Footloose. Yep, I realize I just lost my male viewers with that one...but I can't help it. Just last week I listened to the song for the first time in nearly 25 years!


  1. I did sort of enjoy a few of their songs like These Dreams in the 1980s but I like them even more now. Pretty sure that they are touring with Def Leppard these days.

  2. Great post!!Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. "Magic man" was the first song I ever heard from a "girl group" of my time. I never became a die hard Heart fan, but I did respect them and like a few of there works.
    "These Dreams" also got me through some tough teenage times, so Heart is always in my shoe-box emergency kit.

  4. Thanks for these hidden gems. I don't know a lot about Heart but I know they're pretty badass.

  5. I always feel like I'm the only one who thinks of Beth and Lujack on "Guiding Light" as it was their theme song. I say they are in the top 10 of the great teen soap romances of the 80's.


  6. Awww, Marlene beat me to the I <3 Heart comment!

    I wonder if you saw the Rockumentary that I think VH1 did on Heart. Pretty great. I love these ladies. Great music and I think they are just amazing!

  7. Can't beat a bit of 80's female power rock.
    I recently picked up an LP of their's from a market for 50p

  8. Can't beat a bit of 80's female power rock.
    I recently discovered an LP of their's from a Market for 50p

  9. Can you remember what it was like listening to Crazy On You, especially Magic Man when it first came out? These were the songs to play while cruising on a hot summer night. Ann's voice drops me dead even today; I had never heard anything like her before. Patsy Cline, Ella, and others, but Ann rocked it for me.

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