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Saturday, August 06, 2011

I Love Lucy in a Miniskirt

I couldn't let the day pass without recognizing what would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday. I'm sure you've seen or heard about Google's page by now, but in case you haven't and you're an I Love Lucy fan, definitely check it out! It's one of the best Google tributes to a notable figure that I've seen. 

I could, of course, embed all of the famous clips from I Love Lucy here, but I know you've seen them all several times over. Instead, I wanted to post this kind of a rare clip that a friend on Facebook shared, apparently from a mid-60s TV special where Lucy got down with the mod swinging London scene. I have no idea what the name of the special was, but it featured music by the Dave Clark Five. Too groovy. Happy Birthday, Lucy!


  1. Pam, I loved that clip. I had never seen it before but it shows how hip and with it Lucy was in the 60's. I'm always a fan of 60's Mod fashions and Carnaby Street. Good post.

  2. Pam, I loved that clip too--the Dave Clark 5! Talk about the perfect video to post on the hip Go Retro...

    Listen, you need to set up some kind of maximum visit counter on your Link Within; everytime I visit here I wind up spending a good hour clicking away on all those "You might also like" thumbnails! :)

  3. We celebrated Lucy's Birthday, too! We watched "The Long, Long Trailer" last night. Such a fun movie.

  4. A wonderful clip. Lucy is so wonderfully "mod"! It makes me wish I could go back to London, circa 1965.

    Although I'm an '80s kid, I've always had a fascination with the 1960s. . . all of it, not just the psychedelic, Woodstockish end, but also the folky, Dick Van Dyke Show-esque begining, and British Invasion/Batman & Robin middle. Great clip from the modish middle '60s.

    My first memories of Lucy are actually from '70s reruns of "The Lucy Show", her '60s follow up to "I Love Lucy" which also had Vivian Vance as her sidekick.

  5. I love that clip; she put on that naive and even rough schtick, but we know how smooth and refined she was and could be. I feel "Here's Lucy" jumped the shark, but I truly did love "I Love Lucy" in which she could make you laugh to tears especially when she was improving e.g. as an impostor cowpoke, or the new dancer for Ricky's club (Babalu!) so she could keep an eye on him; that woman was not ashamed to look silly, and yet still had femininity, elegance and grace which was clear from the early years. Godspeed Lucy. s-a-h-d

  6. Glad everyone liked this unique clip; I agree that it showed Lucy was hip with the decade and a rare combination of funny and elegant. I'm not familiar with her post-I Love Lucy sitcoms, but I just requested "The Long Long Trailer" from my library.

  7. Will be humming Lucy in London town all evening long! You will enjoy the Long, Long Trailer, its a techno-color vintage dream. Love your blog!

  8. Thank you, DearHelenHartman! I have to pay your blog a visit soon!

  9. At 1:56, the girl 2nd to the right, is that Jenny Boyd? Sure looks like her!


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