Monday, April 27, 2015

Flipping Out: A 1960s Hair Style Tutorial

Last week I experimented with flipping my hair out '60s style for a REBEAT Staff Picks feature. The only problem is the editor and I were the only two contributors. Lucky you, Go Retro fans: you can now be blessed with seeing this stunning tutorial in all its DIY glory. 

Truth be told, the '60s flip is pretty easy to achieve and really doesn't require a tutorial. Basically, anything you want to use to flip the ends of your hair out (curlers, a flat iron, beer cans, etc.) should do the trick depending on how cooperative your hair is. But for the sake of content, here's what I did to coax my hair into this iconic style. My inspiration was Pattie Boyd (please refer to above photo and yes, I know it's hard to tell us apart...especially our noses.) After all, we both have/had straight blonde hair with bangs and a really cute Beatle husband. OK, she was the one with the cute Beatle husband, but who's counting? 

Besides, I'm crushing on J.K. Simmons these days and he doesn't even have hair. Are you rushing, or are you dragging?

Huh? Where was I? Oh yeah, hair! Here's the simple steps on what I did to achieve the flip:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Song's Story #6: Could It Be Magic?

It's hard for some people to admit that they like Barry Manilow's music, and I am no exception. In my high school, Barry Manilow was considered the lamest singer you could ever idolize, and that was exacerbated by the fact that the nerdiest kid in our school did just that. 

But I think the cold, harsh truth most of us must face at one time or another is confessing to loving at least one Manilow song. Heck, even Peter and his buddies from Family Guy admitted to it. 

And for me, that song is "Could It Be Magic" (OK, I also love "Copacabana", too.) I think "Could It Be Magic" is one of the most beautiful, lush, love songs written. Ever. In the entire history of love song making. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

New REBEAT Article: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, "Mad Men" World

Last week on REBEAT I posted a jukebox selection of my favorite songs that have been used in Mad Men. My one regret? Forgetting to include the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction"--how could any of us forget that image of Don Draper standing on the street in his shades as the song played in the background? Oh, well. But with all fairness the motivation for my list was less commonly heard songs of the '60s for the most part--hidden gems unearthed by whomever compiled the soundtrack for the series. Check it out. There's more retro-related posts in the works for this blog, so come again!

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