Swingtown Swings onto Network TV

Friday, May 16, 2008
Photo copyright CBS 2008.

Oooo, CBS is getting raunchy and controversial. A new series about the 70s swinging lifestyle called Swingtown premieres on June 8. According to TV.com, "This new period drama takes viewers back to the 1970s for a look at suburban households testing the murky waters of sexual revolution following swingers throughout open marriages, key parties, and other swingers extravaganzas."

And here's the plot description: Susan and Bruce have moved their family to Chicago to try to find a different, unique sense of community that they haven't felt yet. Little do they know, they've stepped into the world of swingers and the American sexual revolution.

Ooooo, are we rubbing our sweaty palms together in anticipation yet? Snore. I think this drama will last a total of four episodes. I can already predict the plotlines...Bruce is gonna fall in love with another swinger, which makes Susan jealous. Someone's teenage child is going to get teased at school for their parents' hobby. Someone's going to catch a STD.

I think I'll pass. You want good 70s sexual debauchery? Rent I, Claudius sometime.

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