Go Retro's Retro Hottie of the Month: John Lennon

Friday, October 09, 2009

I think I'm just going to make it an annual thing to make John Lennon the Retro Hottie of the Month each October. Today is his birthday, and nearly 30 years after his death you have to admit the Beatles' staying power has proved admirable. The newly released Beatles Rock Band video game is a smash hit, with kids and pre-teens eating it up as much as their baby boomer parents. All of the Beatles' albums were recently remastered and re-released, and Cirque du Soliel's Love is performed daily in Vegas. Let's not forget there was once a time where even the Beatles themselves were not so sure they were going to last even a few years. Time has sure proven that wrong.

I love this photo that I found on a cat blog showing Lennon with his Siamese cat. Remember to love.


  1. would you believe that i only have one winner? im giving away not one, but TWO lipsticks. have the answer? dfunkt@rocketmail.com

  2. sorry. to clarify: each winner gets one lipstick. so far only one lipstick has been claimed.

  3. Perfect choice for every month, in my opinion! I think he is the ultimate retro hottie :)

    Those are excellent pictures BTW!

  4. I've never really found John overly attractive but he DOES look especially hot in that picture.


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