Today and Yesterday: The Today Show Gets Fun-kay!

Thursday, October 08, 2009
Photos courtesy Peter Yang/People Magazine. Click on each for larger view.

No, you're not looking at the return of Life on Mars. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of NBC's Today Show, the current crew donned 1974 wardrobes and makeup to get back to where they once belonged. As you can see, things got hairy. Matt Lauer is looking very Ron Burgandy, Ann Curry wore a vintage Diane Von Furstenburg dress (my favorite dress style ever), and would you check out Meredith Viera's giant owl pendant!

Al Roker, however, really truly scares me. He looks like he's trying to channel Gene Shalit of the Critics Corner.

The photos will appear in tomorrow's issue of People magazine. The site Mod Cloth, by the way, has several 70s inspired owl necklaces. Here's a cute one that retails for $15.99.


  1. That is hilarious! I have to admit, I really enjoyed the movie Anchorman...and Ron Bergundy :-)

  2. that pink suit is beyond absurd. but i definitely love the dvf dress. its great.


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