Clothing of the Future - 1930s Predictions

Friday, February 19, 2010
It's always amusing to see what predictions past generations came up with about the 21st century. This is a great little clip showing what fashion designers of the 1930s envisioned clothing in the year 2000 (note how they include a comma) would be like. Good thing that flashlight tucked into your hair never caught on. Remarkably, they were close on the men - a portable phone, carrier, and facial hair (the goatee did start coming on strong about 10 years ago.)


  1. What an entertaining piece. Almost on the money in spots.

  2. That's fantastic! Ha I don't know who I love better... the girl at 0:57 is pretty phenomenal...but haha theflashlight in your hair to help you find a better man! I gotta try that!

  3. I thought it was pretty cool that they were thinking of the concept of mobile devices and iPods back in the 30s.


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