Two Forgotten Friday Favorites: The Mills Brothers

Friday, June 25, 2010
Never heard of The Mills Brothers? Well, neither did I until I looked up the song "Glow Worm" on YouTube, as it's one of my favorite really, really, *old* songs. Here they perform it on Nat King Cole's TV show from 1957. The Mills Brothers were a quartet that go waaaaay back...their career was launched in the late 20s. I also discovered that they recorded a song that I heard my dad sing many times when I was growing up: "Yellow Bird" (up high in banana tree...) My father had forgotten most of the lyrics, I think, but always sang it whenever we saw a bright yellow and black gold finch in our yard. I found these songs just before Father's Day, and I wish I had posted it last week, but better late than never. So Daddy, these are for you...


  1. Of course I know about the Mills Bros. They were one of my Dad's favorites! What a smooth, harmonious sound they had. Class act!

  2. Dean Martin's favorite group! Love them!

  3. Never heard of 'em before but I love them!


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