Three Ads Too Good Not to Share #2

It's time for another excuse to finally post some obscure ads I grabbed a while ago that have been floating around on my computer. No real reason for these - just that they're amusing!

I'm always amazed at what advertising has gotten away with through the years. Has the old man been hitting the caffeine again? Or hitting poor little Johnny? A slightly disturbing ad from Sanka:

Now I know a fag is a slang term for a cigarette in the UK...however, when you put two men together like this what would someone who isn't familiar with the term think? A good one for my "Things That Look Gay But Aren't" post from a while back.

An early home pregnancy test from the 80s. That thing looks more complicated to figure out than a chemistry experiment! I'm all for saving a rabbit's life, but this should make women grateful for the easy peasy ones we have today. Why was there a double kit available - for the promiscuous woman?


  1. Oh my gosh - I SO remember those stupid EPT tests from the 80's! I kept buying them because the dumb ring was never "all the way around", and I couldn't figure out if I WAS or WASN'T. (I wanted to would have been our first child!) As it turns out, I had a miscarriage a week later.....maybe the "incomplete ring" was telling me there wasn't enough hormone there to verify the pregnancy???

  2. Yep, Marlene, that's why.

    Wow, can you imagine waiting two hours for a pregnancy test at home? Whew...

    I'm going to steal both of these ads from you and use them one day, k?

  3. wow these are great! unfortunately (though i like it) i was born in 1990. I love anything retro and vintage, but not in an annoying trendy way. Blah, I probably sound like an idiot.


  4. Marlene - sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. Sounds like this test was an awful lot of work and aggrevation for something that wasn't very accurate.

    Barbara - yep, knock yourself out!

    Val - nothing idiotic at ALL about having an appreciation for the past! Welcome to our world!

  5. I am most intrigued by the fact that "caffeine" was once spelled without its final "e." Weird. Gotta love a cavalier approach to spelling *and* child abuse!

  6. Will - great catch, I didn't notice that.

  7. The first ad upset me on 15 different levels.

    And I loved it.

  8. I used this in 1981 when I had my first child. If you checked it during the two hour period you could actually start to see the ring form to confirm your pregnancy. How technology has come along way over the years.


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