Retro Hottie of the Month: Ricky Gervais!

Thursday, September 02, 2010
Yes, this is THAT Ricky Gervais - the slightly portly star of Great Britain's version of The Office! I'm sure my 80s fans out there probably already know this (although I didn't until maybe a year ago) but Ricky was actually a pop singer during another time: he was half of a British duo called Seona Dancing. He certainly looked the part - very cute and feminine looking with an affinity for eyeliner. 

And Lordy, can it really be September and time for another Retro Hottie of the Month already? I've been soooo busy this week which is why the blogging is slow, but I simply CANNOT neglect my Retro Hottie duties! Here's a hilarious clip of an interview Gervais gave a couple of years ago that highlights Seona Dancing back in the day. I don't think he should be so embarrassed - he wasn't a bad looking kid and not a bad singer. I actually think he's still cute today with that average guy persona that I go for.


  1. I never knew that about Ricky. Wow. I hope this finds you doing well. I've had a rough week. I got laid off on Tuesday. Now I've got to try to find a job in such a bad economy. Wish me luck. Thanks. Take care. Have a great upcoming weekend.

  2. Now there's something I did NOT know!


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