Depression Era Dating Rules for Ladies

Friday, January 21, 2011
Never get so wasted on a date that you actually pass out.
Unfortunately I cannot take credit for being the original scanner and poster of these images - I've seen them on a few blogs but most notably a site called Sad and Useless. They came from a book or pamphlet called Dating Tips for Ladies and while there's some common sense lessons in here for the modern dating woman, it also seems painfully one-sided from my female perspective. After all, my fellow ladies, how many of you have gone out with men who acted inappropriately on dates? Needless to say, it's good for some laughs and I guess it's good to know that some men had some standards back then...

Really? It sure looks to me that her date is enjoying his little leg peep show...

Could be least it's makeup and not the remnants of a visit from Mr. Mucus. 

Disagree. I think you should go with looking bored and yawning if a date isn't going well. If you don't let that poor dud know he puts women to sleep, who else will?

Are they serious? I like a man who can multi-task, so I would have to say if he's incapable of dancing and carrying on a conversation at the same time, kick him to the curb!
Could they define the word "need" here? Unless your name is Chaz Bono, you need a bra!

I love how they say "man" here instead of "men" - referring apparently to the entire existence of the male race. 
This dude has intimacy issues. Perhaps she should give the old "footsie" trick a try.

I love how he seems to be amused that she's crying and not giving a rip about her feelings. Typical.

"Welcome back, madam. Ah yes, that last chap you came here with was the cat's meow...looks, money, charm. Too bad you're stuck with Grumpy Gus tonight."

"Gee, that's a swell looking toupee you've got on there - and it feels so real!"

Either she drank herself into a stupor or passed out due to sheer boredom. Something tells me these two won't be seeing each other again, but at least he paid for dinner.


  1. Got a good chuckle out of these!!! Thanks for making me laugh.

  2. When a man dances he wants to dance? C'mon, be honest. When a man dances, he wants to get close enough to find out if you "need" a bra.

    Those were great!

  3. I totally want that woman to be my friend! She seems like fun.

  4. I totally want to hang out with that woman. She looks like she knows how to have a good time!


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