Three Ads Too Good Not to Share

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Well, it's been a nasty past couple of days here in the northeast - we've been digging out from under nearly 2 feet of snow in some places from a January nor'easter. So, that definitely inspired me to dig up some great winter themed vintage ads for this installment of Three Ads Too Good Not to Share. Enjoy!

I call this one Dirty Old Men Winter. And the two fools are sitting there waiting with baited breath and flowers. Then again, maybe if little Miss I-See-London-I-See-Your-Crotch weren't making the entire world her ob-gyn...

This drink actually doesn't sound so awful...especially with the addition of that jigger of rum...however, I would imagine today's true Boomer concoction involves prune juice.

 I have to decide? Both are equally creepy in my opinion. I'll wait to see what the spring mask selection looks like.  

Brrrrr...stay warm, moi petites!


  1. Love the ads and your commentary. Don't forget that David Nelson died yesterday (Ozzie and Harriet fame.)

  2. Ad No. 1: The illustration was obviously made by someone more used to sketchy cartoon-like figures (see the old men and the background) than to realistic drawings, hence the very akward anatomy of the skater. The crotch-eye-view could have looked a LOT more enticing had she been drawn corectly. I'm just sayin'.
    Ad No. 2: Never heard of warm Dr. Pepper, I'll have to try it.
    Ad No. 3: What a complicated ad for something as simple as anti-freeze! That creepy illustration could well serve as the cover for H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man" novel.

  3. Great ads. I can't wait for winter to end. We got 31 inches of snow in that blizzard a couple of weeks ago. Snow looks pretty in pictures and on the screen but not so much in real life to me.

  4. Thanks, 42N. I know, lots of people passing away lately - hard to make enough time to mention them all.

    Luis - I think I like your commentary better than mine.

    LaraAnn - wow, 31 inches. Hope you're keeping warm!

  5. During the mid 1970's, I had a part time job at 7-11. The company tried promoting "Hot Dr Pepper" during the winter months. It didn't catch on. The hot drink was sold from an aluminum crock with the Dr Pepper logo on it. It was one of my jobs to fill the crock, and clean it when the day was over.

  6. @Ron - interesting! Thanks for your comments. I'm kind of curious to try hot Dr. Pepper now.


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