Announcing the Welcome Back Giveaway!

Yes, welcome school, work, or the unofficial start to the fall season now that the Labor Day weekend is behind us. I know that most of us are not exactly jazzed up about the idea of saying goodbye to summer (as Vinnie Barbarino himself would say, "Up your nose with a rubber hose!") Before you know it, most of us will be cranking on the heat and eventually shoveling snow. In order to ease your pain, I've decided to do another giveaway!

I must confess, the giveaway prize has absolutely nothing to do with Welcome Back Kotter try as I did to create some sort of connection, but nonetheless it's a cool one indeed. In fact, I'll admit that I wanted to keep this one for myself! It's a $25 online gift certificate to Daddy-O's, "your one stop shop for rockabilly and swing clothes, bowling shirts, lounge wear, club wear and clothing inspired by the 1950's!" Daddy-O's has a great selection of vintage style shirts (the kind that Charlie Sheen wore on Two and a Half Men) and jackets for the cool cats, and sexy and stunning dresses by the clothing manufacturer Stop Staring for the foxes. They also carry shoes, hats, accessories and boys shirts. Check them out!

To win the $25 promo code, just leave me a comment about any ol' thing...and I'll draw a name Friday morning and announce the winner then. You must have an actual profile name with a way that I can contact you if you're the winner (so comments left anonymously cannot qualify.) 

Good luck, everyone!  To help sing you off, here's John Sebastian performing his signature solo hit "Welcome Back" on the 70s variety show Sha Na Na!


  1. I was only just watching Welcome Back Kotter last night. It's so funny. My favourite episode is the debating one.

  2. I woulda commented even if there wasn't a giveaway! (You know why!)

    This is Allison, btw. I'm on my Blackberry so I don't know if it'll sign me in.

  3. For lunch I had a "Duquesne" wrap--it's roast turkey, cheddar cheese, red onion marmalade, tomatoes and herb mayo in an herb wrap.

    It was tasty alright, but if it was 1979 I would've been enjoying a turkey sandwich & mashed potatoes all covered in gravy, Monday's special in the school cafeteria. Does this count? :)

  4. Of all the retro bloggers you are the best! Actually the Welcome Back series was hoot and it served as the final launching pad for John Travolta.

  5. old@heart and Amanda--thanks for the comments!

    Allison--I knew you would appreciate this post! Hee hee.

    Doug--mmm, sounds yummy! And yep, any comment counts.

    42N--thank you so much, even though I still think Gilligan's Retrospace is the best! Unfortunately I wasn't a big Welcome Back Kotter fan as a kid but I certainly wouldn't mind catching up on the series.

  6. I will freely admit that I recently bought a Welcome Back, Kotter DVD!!! Used to love that show...and still love hearing the theme song any ol' day!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win...that is a very generous prize offering. Good luck to all your readers!

  7. In my best Horseshack:

    (*raises hand*)

    "OH, OH, OH! Pick me, Mister Kotter!"


  8. I always wondered if Vinnie ended up marrying the fat girl.


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