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Sunday, October 02, 2011
I had planned on taking this weekend to finally profess my love for sideburns, but in the middle of conducting research (research = drooling over pictures of John Sebastian) I came across a motherlode of a site for anyone into retro pop culture: The Totally Awesome Teen Pinups and Magazines site. Holy smokes, what a collection over there! Anybody and everybody who was featured as a pin-up from the 60s to the present day can be had for a few dollars. 

Unfortunately, along with the Scott Baios, the Kirk Camerons and Joey Lawrences, there are quite a few people who were maybe not quite as famous or odd/creepy choices who were selected for teen pinups. For example...

Can't say I'm too familiar with this double trouble who "wanta kiss you," but there's a gazillion photos of Andy and David Williams on this site--the twin nephews of Andy Williams, who were teen heartthrobs during the 70s. There's some irony to the headline of the last photo--David is gay and came out in the mid-90s. 

There's something very wrong and creepy about wanting a pinup of Adam Rich --he was just a kid when Eight is Enough aired. It's hard for me to imagine a 13 year-old fantasizing over an eight year-old...even if she were a cougar!

Great. Now we've gone to the other extreme--Alan Alda's a nice guy, but WTF is he doing in a magazine aimed at 13 year-old girls? He's more like somebody's dad!

Gee, by the mid-80s they were really starting to run out of pin-up choices. Yes, even ALF was an intergalactic sexy symbol.

I've never heard of Andre Gower, and I'm too lazy at the moment to Google him, but doesn't he look like the secret love child that we learned Arnold Schwarzenegger was hiding? I bet this was one of the pin-up posters that saw the least amount of locker and bedroom wall action. Poor AMH--so many of us were not pretty teenagers. I can sympathize.

Again, I'm clueless...I've never heard of Bill Beyers, but judging by those hitched-up shorts he appears to be a man who has no fear walking on the edge.

Aww, I love Bill Murray. He actually WAS one of my teenager crushes, and I would have happily appreciated a pin-up of him, but how many girls my age actually saw The Razor's Edge at the time? This should have been a shot of him from Stripes or Ghostbusters.

Well, I could go on and on here, but that would take away the fun. Check out the site--not only do they have a goldmine of pin-ups that you may actually want to own, but they also sell old rock magazines.


  1. Bill Beyers. Those shorts. Hahahahahahahaha! What's funnier those shorts or your caption? :)

    Fantastic post Pam. I remember seeing those twins Andy and David on some show although I can't recall the exact show. Perhaps it was the Partridge family.

    In Toronto in the 80s, they used to have a TV promo for MASH that said "do you have the hots for Hawkeye?" And on cue, the sister of my friend who was ten (and older than us) at the time, would always say she had the hots for Hawkeye!

    And I also remember seeing Andre Gower in teen mags back in the day but could not place him back then either! :)

    Funny, I was just browsing through a tumblr page devoted to my teenage crush: River Phoenix.

  2. Those boys were called "The Keene Brothers" I am thinking? I loved their sound.

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  4. Bill Beyers played Wally McCandless on the 80's CBS daytime soap "Capital". He died years ago from AIDS-related complications.

    Andy and David Williams guested on "The Partridge Family" fairly late in the show's run.

    The Keane Brothers hosted their own variety show, which was a summer replacement series.

    The fact that I know this crap explains why I am alone....

  5. Oh that's too sad about Bill Beyers. :(

  6. Maybe I'm biased, but I think the best age for teen-idol pin-ups were the early 70s. My sister carried a Bobby Sherman lunchbox but had David Cassidy all over her bedroom walls--man did she love him! I also remember a Christmas party I went to in 6th grade (1973) where the girls said they'd supply the music--and they all brought in the same albums, Donny Osmond or Tony DeFranco. "It's a heartbeat, it's a lovebeat" is still engrained on my brain :)

  7. Why does everyone keep mentioning The Keane Brothers? They're not in the post.

    Anyhoo, I'll stick with guys like Don Johnson. Everyone else that the girls at my school had in their lockers were waaaaay too young for me (although Alan Alda was too old.) My apologies, Chelly, to your friend's sister.

    moviemag46-you've come to the right place to express your pop culture knowledge. I didn't watch many soaps growing up so I didn't know who BB was.

    Doug-Bobby Sherman is all over that site. That had to be at least 10 pages of pin-ups of him for sale. The 70s were indeed full of teenybopper heaven, but don't forget that the 60s had The Beatles and The Monkees, who featured prominently on many pin-up posters.

  8. Doug, "Heartbeat It's A Love Beat" was Tony DeFranco and the DeFranco Family. A great pop-bubble gum song indeed.

  9. Whoah ho ho hooooooa. Bill Beyers shorts! If you turn the picture sideways I swear somethings gonna fall out!!

  10. Pam I have a bone to pick with you... you should've included a warning "Not safe for the office if you're a guy, and spending your lunch hour looking at the 70s pin-ups, because coworkers may spot you scrolling thru posters of Andy Gibb or Bobby Sherman or Donny Osmond and wonder if you have a secret thing for these guys!" :)

    Anyway, I was going to add that I grew up with 3 sisters, so stuff like "Tiger Beat" was always laying around. I remember seeing contests in them like "Win a lock of Donny's hair!" or "Win Leif's scarf!" and retching at the thought, but now I can see that kind of stuff was heaven to a 11-14 year old girl in the 70s...

    Oh and finally--if I was born 10-15years earlier, i would've had no problem hanging the Beatles on MY bedroom wall :)

  11. Ah Doug, I thought you'd be able to tell from the gist of the post that the site is geared more towards women than men!

  12. I agree with ApacheDug! The post was indeed NSFW (if you're a guy). I thought there were maybe a few pinups of Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd or Lynda Carter on the site, but no such luck!

  13. The post featured all guys because I didn't find any odd/goofy shots of ladies! Also Luis, I did a quick search for Farrah and I found TONS of pin-ups of her and Charlie's Angels.

  14. I always got those boys mixed up with the Keane Brothers...or Keane Boys....whichever it was!

  15. As a gay guy, I found this post suitable for anywhere :-)

  16. 8Andre Gower was the lead actor in the 1989 movie, 'The Monster Squad' I don't remember him from anything else, but that movie has become sort of a cult classic these days. lol

  17. Andre Gower was the lead actor in the 1989 teen movie, 'The Monster Squad.' I don't remember him from anything else, but that movie has become sort of a cult classic these days. lol


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