Retro Hi-Fi Fun: UMRK Web Radio

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Friends, for a while now I've been meaning to dedicate some posts on Go Retro to other folks such as you and I who are keeping the retro dream alive, and doing a pretty nice job of it. I'd like to start today by introducing you to my friend Greg's groovy website for UMRK Web Radio. If you miss the bygone days when radio was actually FUN to listen to, when DJs had their own personality, corny jingles, and didn't stick to the same 50 classic rock song rotation, then you need to check out Reverend Greg's show! He streams live on the site every Sunday evening starting at 9 PM EST for approximately 3 hours. Too busy watching Pan Am or reruns of Mad Men? No problem, every show is recorded as a podcast and available for your free listening pleasure on the site at any convenient time. 

Even Pan Am girls listen to UMRK Radio!
Reverend Greg is a rabid Beatles fan like me, so that means each show begins with an hour of the Beatles, including rarities and live tracks, followed by music from the 50s through the 80s. The best part about his radio program is that you're going to encounter some lost songs (like some of the ones I try to feature on Two Forgotten Friday Favorites) that you haven't heard in quite a long time through your typical modern day radio FM station. Did I mention that the program is completely commercial free? When's the last time you experienced THAT on the dial?

Greg is a super cool dude with an impressive history in the radio industry who has met just about anyone who was anybody during the 60s-80s music scene. He was hosting a show on an oldies station in the Philadelphia area when he decided to make it available to the global masses, and UMRK Radio was born in 2001. Still going strong after 10 years!

So if you need a break from Spotify, Pandora and the like and long for the nostalgia of 1960s/1970s radio, definitely give UMRK a visit. It's completely free and listener supported, and like John Lennon sang, guarantee to raise a smile. Have a listen and let me know what you think!


  1. Like Ralph Kramden once said, mmmm I am humble! - Rev Greg

  2. What? MAD Magazine is not retro?

  3. Check out the blog called Retrospace. I'm pretty sure he's posted at least once or twice about Mad magazine.

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  5. Hmm very attractive! That sounds really cool, thanks.


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