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Thursday, June 28, 2012
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"Best of" lists are subjective--we all know that. But when I learned about Billboard's 50 Sexiest Songs Of All Time list and saw some of the choices, I was dumbfounded. For example, they (or, perhaps, the people they polled--I couldn't quite determine how the list was compiled) actually gave the top honor to Olivia Newton-John's "Physical." Physical! Don't get me wrong; it's a great song, and it's definitely sexy. But the sexiest? I have to disagree with that. After looking through all fifty songs, I was flabbergasted that my personal top choice wasn't even included, and I think without a doubt that it's the sexiest song of all time to ever be laid on vinyl (no pun intended.) So it only made sense to address it and pull together my own personal list of all-time sexy songs that, without fail, cause me to start thinking about sweet love makin'. Like I said, this is purely opinion based, but I think at least some of you may agree that there were some glaring omissions from Billboard's list. 

Before we get to my list, here's the top ten according to Billboard:

10. "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" - Rod Stewart
9. "Kiss You All Over" - Exile
8. "Like a Virgin" - Madonna
7. "Do That To Me One More Time" - Captain and Tennille
6. "Hot Stuff" - Donna Summer
5. "Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye
4. "Too Close" - Next
3. "I'll Make Love To You" - Boyz II Men
2. "Tonight's the Night" - Rod Stewart
1. "Physical" - Olivia Newton-John

I think my choices are going to make it obvious that I'm not into rap or hip-hop. None of them were written after the 80s. Also, I had to limit it to 10 tunes or I'd be writing a thesis, but it might be worth expanding it to my top 25 or 50 songs sometime. Enough yammering; here's my list:

10. "Sugar Walls" - Sheena Easton
There's a reason why this Prince composition was on Tipper Gore's "Filthy Fifteen" list, even though the true meaning was lost on a lot of kiddies and tweens (including myself) when it was first released. Despite the blatant lyrics ("blood races to your private spots...lets me know that there's a fire") we just thought it was about a woman who lived in a candy house.

9. "I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles
The Beatles weren't known for turning out crotch squirming melodies, but there's something hypnotic and obsessive about Paul McCartney's relentless bass line and the spartan lyrics that makes this one sexy in my eyes. Written by John Lennon, it makes a nice companion to Paul's "Why Don't We Do It In the Road?" 

8. "Let's Spend the Night Together" - The Rolling Stones
No hidden message here. When the Stones sang this on The Ed Sullivan Show, they were forced to change the lyrics to "let's spend some time together"--with Mick Jagger visibly showing his disagreement by rolling his eyes. When Ed Sullivan's producers want you to tone it down, pat yourself on the back, because you know you've turned out a fine, racy song.

7. "Light My Fire" - Jose Feliciano
A strange omission from Billboard's list, and when the original by The Doors was performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, Jim Morrison famously refused to alter the lyrics. But I think I favor the acoustic guitar cover by Jose Feliciano. His version transcended The Doors' version into the sultriness stratosphere.

6. "Afternoon Delight" - Starlight Vocal Band
C'mon, you know you love this song. If you don't, Ron Burgandy will fight you. 

5. "So Into You" - Atlanta Rhythm Section
I know, this one comes out of left field. "Imaginary Lover" was this band's greatest hit in the U.S., but I think "So Into You" trumps it any day. It may be about first sight infatuation, but the...well, rhythm and lyrics are so 70s seductive: "Gonna love you all over...over and over. Me into you, you into me, me into you."

4. "Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye
Oddly enough, it isn't a favorite of mine but I think it would be a travesty to leave it off a list of this kind. Ironically, the original concept of the song didn't have any sexual overtone to it whatsoever; Gaye wrote it with a political overtone. His songwriting partner Ed Townsend encouraged him to rewrite it, cementing its place in sexy song history. I wonder how many children have been conceived to it.

3. "Urgent" - Foreigner
One of the instruments I miss hearing in mainstream music is the saxophone. For this Foreigner single, the band recruited Junior Walker for the sax solo (Thomas Dolby helped out on synthesizers.) This song is a symphony of sirens and screeching tires that just screams, "I need you, and I need you now."

2. "Love to Love You Baby" - Donna Summer
Any song that contains (according to Time Magazine) 22 orgasms has to make the list. That leads in nicely to my number one choice...

1. "Je t'Aime... moi non plus" - Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
Seriously, how is this song nowhere to be found on Billboard's list? A duet that Gainsbourg originally recorded with Bridget Bardot, it was banned in several countries for being considered too erotic and even the Pope spoke out against it (which Gainsbourg said was the best PR the song ever received.) 

Are we all hot and bothered now? Which songs would go on your list? 


  1. I absolutely agree about Jose Feliciano's cover of "Light My Fire", a very under rated record. One of those oldies that the few remaining "oldies" stations refuse to play.

    Jane Brikin is about a sexy as it gets...:)

  2. Let's get it on ..was number 5?Really.. Billboard is really out of touch. I like your list better.

  3. Agree with Pam's list more than BBs, but any list of sexy songs should include some from the Maestro of Love (Barry White). Just pick one, or two, or....

  4. I'd have to stick with Billboard regarding Marvin Gaye, but I think his sexiest is "I Want You" and his version can be alternated with Robert Palmer and Madonna's version. I was surprised to see Like a Virgin on there, but ahem, that is the first record I had sex to.

    Great list Pam. Nice choices. Love to Love You Baby is a fantastic choice!

  5. "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green would be on my list.

  6. Wow Pam. Everyone of your posts is a gem. Fantastic work on this blog!


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