One Ad Too Good Not to Share: The Portrait Pillow

Via MewDeep on Flickr
Sweet dreams are made of this...the Portrait Pillow was apparently the young woman's answer to blow-up dolls for men. The concept of having your crush's image printed onto a piece of fabric you sleep with every night ("to have and hold forevermore") seems creepy to me. Although, there does seem to be a double standard when it comes to these fantasy-inducing products...I could see where people thought this idea was cute, when blow-up dolls were just weird. I wonder how many orders the company actually received--perhaps it's best that the number remains a mystery.

Does anyone recognize the 'stached dude who's on the pillow? He looks like someone who was actually in a 70s' band but I cannot place him.

Special thanks to MewDeep on Flickr for giving me permission to post the ad!


  1. I am sure this is a new angle for die hard stalkers to try... kind of creepy if you ask me...

  2. Yeah the pillow dude is the guy from Spinal Tap - Harry Shearer. No, just kidding, although they resemble each other. Good posts Pam. Keep up the retro series.

  3. Hahaha! Pam you've been on a real roll here! That dude's portrait is priceless--I wonder if he knew he'd be looking into his girlfriend's eyes from a pillow when he had his portrait taken? ;)

  4. The portrait pillow (or rather cushion) is still alive and well. There are at least two photo printing stores in my area that will print any photo on several items like cups, mousepads, and yes - pillowcases.
    As I recall, back in the late 70's some kid from my class claimed to have a Farrah Fawcett pillow, though I never saw it for myself.

  5. Luis -- yes! I've seen them on VistaPrint and CafePress and similar websites, although they can print a photo on a tshirt. I haven't seen pillowcases but it's definitely possible.

    42N -- yes, he does look like Harry Shearer from This is Spinal Tap!

  6. I think that would give me nightmares!


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