Vintage British Beauty: The British Pathe Archives

Tuesday, August 07, 2012
Many of the short newsreels that British moviegoers saw with their flicks during a good part of the 20th century were produced by British Pathe, a media company that has its roots in Paris. Now, British Pathe has archived virtually all of its footage online for our viewing pleasure. I particularly found the vintage beauty related clips below pretty amusing. First up, a look at the meterosexual male, English style, during the early 60s...note the observation, "Banish those wrinkles and your secretary will gladly dine with you."

Next up, Britain's Most Gorgeous Man contest--the ladies are so excited, they're chomping on their scarves. I thought it was interesting that even their teeth are judged.

And now for something politically incorrect by 2012's standards...behold, "Britain's Most Glamorous Fatty!"

There's plenty more goodies where these came from; check out the British Pathe site for lots more!


  1. I am stunned by the man contest... I can't believe how they checked their teeth as if they were horses. It almost looks as if these are parodies (except for the last one)

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