How To Be A Playboy Bunny

Monday, September 10, 2012
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Many of my long-time readers know that I harbor a fantasy of being a go-go dancer in a previous life. A Playboy bunny, I'm not sure. Wasn't it demeaning and sexist? Scanned literature that I found on the website seems to dispel some common misconceptions about women who worked as bunnies. A vintage Bunny Handbook on the site details the rules that the women had to adhere to, and they strictly forbid any hanky panky with the clients (not that I'm completely convinced all bunnies and keyholders were on their best behavior all of the time.) For young women who fit the mold, being a bunny in one of the Playboy clubs provided a decent salary (up to $200 a week), one free meal per day, and the chance to hobnob with celebs and participate in special promotions. So says the marketing brochure from the Ex Playboy Bunnies site. Let's have a look at the perks being a bunny provided. They certainly touted it as a glamorous profession. 

I think it's interesting that there were no height...or weight restrictions to be a bunny, just that you had to be "properly proportioned." But just the same, you don't come across many pictures of hefty bunnies. 

Alas, I can't apply for the job. I'm 15 years older than the age limit. I guess I'll work on my go-go dancing moves instead. 


  1. I am not sure I by the no hanky panky rule - running around in that kind of outfit, especially back then was not about feminine dignity for sure. No were the ears or cotton tail...

  2. That's a riot that schoolteachers were acceptable candidates for Bunny-hood. Seems a tad inappropriate, even by today's standards for a teacher to also be a Playboy Bunny, especially if some of the key holders are the fathers of her students! Yikes!

  3. Pam, I'm sure you'd check every box on that list; and with all of us for references! This young man visited the very last American, original, Playboy Club in the Lansing Hilton before it closed. Very tame experience, good food, thick carpet and brass rails and the like, the ladies were elegant and reserved. And those costumes! BTW my mom was a Coppertone-Tan leggy blonde who worked as a cocktail waitress for Sheraton back when it was hot; the costumes were only a little less exotic than the iconic bunnies, and maybe a little more revealing, if that's possible. She met some very interesting and famous people through that work, but sadly no husband (almost though). She has Polaroids(!) of her in her work attire but she would kill me if I tried to post them. Thanks for the memories.

  4. While on a business trip a few years ago our company convened at the Lake Geneva Hotel which was the Playboy Club. The hotel staff point out where various PB things were in the hotel. One colleague joked "if walls could talk."

  5. Pam, remember last year when you dressed up as a Pan-Am stewardess for Halloween? Guess what I'm thinking?

    You'd be a real hit in the office, that's for sure! :)

  6. Ruth--I'm not so sure, either!

    Tammy--You have a great eye; somehow I missed that option on the previous job section, and it is indeed hilarious.

    Stay-at-Home-Dad--Thanks and what a great story; how many guys can say they visited an actual Playboy club? I wish you could scan and post those Polaroids, too!

    42N--That must have been a very fun business trip!

    Doug--I think that costume would give some men in my office a heart attack! And here is someone who looks very Hugh Hefner here...I might be persuaded to dress up...ha ha:


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