Bad Cover Art of the Day: Swedish Bands...Or, Not Everyone Can Be ABBA

Admittedly, there's nothing very original about this post--foreign album cover art has been featured and poked fun at on several retro themed blogs. And the selection I gleamed comes from a new Facebook page called Swedish Dansbands, which has collected several more hideous spectacles; more than I care to put on display in one post. But this is the Internet, where you share and share alike. These covers are proof that you don't have to be good looking to cut a record, but I guess we already knew that. If there's one good thing I have to say about these bands, it's that there's color everywhere! Can't say 70s and 80s Swedish musicians' threads were drab and dull. As for the music? I have no idea--I would guess that at least some of them were/are listenable, but can anyone make it past the cover art?

Sometimes the days before Photoshop and airbrushing were not always a good thing. Could they not afford at least a makeup artist?

A zipper and chest hair makes for a hazardous combination. Why do I have a burning desire to step into that photo and give him a good zzzzzzip? 

You go, girl--show off that leg!

These guys looked like they watched a lot of Mork and Mindy back in the day.

These dudes, on the other hand, were clearly into Miami Vice

This is what happens when you can't decide on coordinating outfits for your cover photo shoot.

And on his farm he had a Swede, e-i-e-i-oh!

I actually have heard of the Schytts (or, I guess they're just called Schytts.) It's a shame that the only band here that features a reasonably attractive lead singer has the same name as what you get when you eat something bad.


  1. Seems like music was a lot better when it was made by non-good looking people. Now it's all about how 'hot' artists look or how many tattoos they have.

  2. Re AllAboutTheMusic's comment: unless you have listened to these bands, I would not assume that they made good music. Just saying.

  3. Omigod how awesome! Pam, please share & share alike--I never would've thought to look for this stuff on my own :)

    Damn & I always thought those ABBA guys looked strange--who knew?!

  4. I swear that the woman in the center of MIA WESTERS is Edie McClurg! :)

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  6. A more thoroughgoing convergence of bad hair and bad fashion would be tough to imagine...:) AllAboutTheMusic has a good point though. Just because you look hot doesn't mean you make good records.

    In the interest of full disclosure, where ABBA is concerned, I was majorly hot for Frieda when I was 16...

  7. These are baffling and horrifying. Oy. But I can say that I appreciate that many of these bands and their members skewed a little older. Nice to see it's not all about being young and hot (said the 25-year-old).


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