Wasted Makeovers

Thursday, January 03, 2013
I could be wrong, but I believe that beauty makeovers started to appear in women's magazines in the 70s. It's a sad conundrum, however, that due to the styles of the times, the woman didn't necessarily look any better after her makeover.

Case in point: the two ladies below, who were featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine. These appear over at the awesome retro site ClickAmericana--I only wish I had my own scans to show; maybe in the future I'll acquire some magazines to make this a full-fledged wasted makeover post.

The magazine is saying that Bridget was worried that a shorter do would require constant care. Here's the thing with these Farrah Fawcett-inspired flips by someone who tried unsuccessfully to have one as a teenager: they create MORE work, especially when you have fine hair. You can spend hours trying to whip those side layers into submission with rollers, a curling iron, and enough Aqua-Net to burn a hole in the ozone layer. And I'm sorry to say this, but that cut is really drawing attention to her nose.

Nancy's new look screams Tootsie to me--all she needs is a pair of large framed glasses. She looks older. You gotta feel sorry for her; she's an actress, but how many roles can she get with this buttoned up look--a schoolmarm? The only thing I like is the hair color.

Ah, well...better luck next time, ladies.

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  1. lol! I liked Nancy's makeover until I saw the word Tootsie. You are so right!

    I have a friend with fine hair who does a great Farrah Fawcett flip sometimes. I am not sure what she does to get it to work all day, but it's fantastic!


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